Track your daily work

Keep on top of your projects

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Log your time on each task

Easily keep track of the time you spend on each of your tasks and projects.

Connected to your favourite calendar and task manager

Off the shelf integration with Wunderlist, Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Todoist, and more.

Integrated pomodoro timer

Apply the pomodoro technique on your to-do list tasks with our chrome extension.

Automatic Reports

Receive a daily, monthly or weekly report with your time broken down by projects and tasks.

You get stuff done, we take care of the rest.

Time is one of the most precious resources in business and yet people are still struggling to make the most of it. Modern to-do lists, calendars and other applications can tell you what you need to do, when,why and how. Unfortunately, once your tasks and projects are marked “done” you will be left with a little trace of all the actual work and time required. Have you ever wondered how much time have your employees spent altogether working on a project? How long did they take to complete the individual tasks? Have you ever tried to remember when and for how long you worked on a past project, or when a particular step in that project was made? Or fill a time sheet with all your activities of the past month? Tracking all this data can be a tall order using a standard to-do list or calendar. Using our own experience as a business we are developing a tool that can give you a better idea about the time frame needed for all your tasks. This simple software will seamlessly integrate with the commonly used productivity tools to help you keep track of your time, activities and even do the reports.

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